Look at the Futures & Chase Opportunities: 4 Expected Mobile Marketing Trends in 2017

What’s the hottest digital marketing tactic after the launch of iPhone?  Mobile marketing has taken the place for next generation of digital marketing! Everyone is looking forward seeing how mobile marketing performs with steady increase of smartphone and tablets usages (36% Americans regularly being conneted with multiple mobile devices. So, let’s take a look at those expected exciting mobile marketing trends analyzed by Marissa Delisle (Marketing Specialist at Digital Turbine)

Never Stop booming!!!


2017 will be the first year that total digital ad spending surpasses (with estimated 38.4% of total allocation). More importantly, for mobile marketing, it will experience increase with estimated $32 billion. BIG MARKET, RIGHT?! Also, consumers used to be conscious shopping via mobile devices. However, the trend has changed. Consumers are more confortable making purchases via mobile devices and that will definitely play a key role in mobile marketing future performance in 2017! Also, as Marissa has stated in her article, marketing success in 2017 will depend directly upon the ability of marketers to expertly navigate the intersection of creative mobile advertising and customer loyalty. 

VR & AR’s Impact on Mobile Marketing!!!


We remembered what happened in the summer of 2016, Pokemon Go created buzz and global phenomenon worldwide. Pokemon Go is based on AR technology. Huge potential has been seen and paid attention about both VR & AR technology in mobile marketing.


According to Marissa, AR technology will allow marketers to track the aggregate movements of mobile users. It will help marketers with segmentation and attrition, also with omni-channel integrations. Speaking of VR, as we have seen in 2016, a lot of marketing campaigns have tried to make VR accessible for their consumers. For the expectation of VR technology, marketers may remove current location dependency within the VR technology and try develop responsive omni-channel and mobile integrations (including advances in programmatic advertising)

The evolve of mobile user acquisition!!!


There is no doubt that mobile user acquisition will continue to evolve. No matter what your goals are as marketers, 2017 will still be APP YEAR! And app battleground still exsits. Consumers have been shown to convert 100-300% more on mobile apps than mobile web. One focus of user acquisition is Native ads which have higher engagement compared to traditional banners. It will make up 63% of total mobile display ad spending in 2020. Another focus of mobile user acquisition emphasis for 2017 will be video. According to studies, 25% of internet users watch videos every day with 500 million internet users watching Facebook videos. To reach target audiences, video is 2.3x more popular than social media, and 23x more popular than display. Be sure to watch close and pay attention to on-demand” and “live feed” interactions among your customers via videos.

Social Media Vs. Big Data!!!


The last expecatation: Social Media will get personal with integration of Big Data Analytics. Complex mobile internet users kind of make the future of mobile marketing unpredictable. However, according to DMA, up to 70% of companies are not collecting user content data from social media. This seems so unreasonable but it’s the truth. And a lot of marketers ignored the consumer trends, purchase intent and sentiment drivers. Within advanced technology, mobile marketers should be able to get consumer-centric and maximize user retention via big data. Big data will not only be played on social media but also on mobile devices because now 80% of social media interaction happens on your mobile devices. Mobile data will play a key role in 2017’s mobile marketing.

What do you think about the future trends of mobile marketing ? Leave any  comments you have and hope hear from you soon 🙂

More to Come 🙂 Stay Warm 


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